This "Online Exam Platform" is a proud initiative of FoxKeen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
"Online Exam Platform" is an online testing application in the cloud that allows organizations to easily create and administer exams over the Internet. It combines the most intuitive test authoring and delivery tool with the most powerful analytics engine in one simple interface. Please let us know how we can help your organization!

How it Works for your Organisation

It takes few working day and very simple steps to get Online Exam Platform adopted by your Organisation

  • Call on +91-8800233515 or Email Us at
  • Our Executive Will Show you a demo, Get your every query Solved.
  • Pay Initial Installation Charges.
  • Login into "Online Exam Platform" using your Admin User_Id and Password.
  • Create Group or Groups.
  • Add Students into Group or Groups.
  • Upload Question papers into Group.
  • Offer tests to your students.
  • Get Reports analysis of your students.

Advantage to adopting Online Exam Platform in Organisation

  • Excellent reporting and analytics.
  • Manage Student into Group or Groups.
  • Real-time delivery of Results.
  • Reducing costs to organised Tests.
  • Share Information between Students
  • Manage student activity.
  • Send & Receive Messages from students.

Work Flow Diagram

Login User Type

  • Institutional Administrator

    • Create Groups.
    • Create Test within Group.
    • Add Student into Group or Groups.
    • Manage student activity.
    • Send & Receive Messages from students.
  • Student

    • Give Test.
    • Detailed Result Analysis for given test.
    • Send query to institutional Admin.
    • Switch between Groups if available.

We support all major OS & Browser


  • Supported question types

    • Single choice.
    • Multiple choice.
    • Fill In the Blanks.
    • True & False.
    • Matrix Match.
    • Matrix.
    • Assertion Reason.

General Constraint

  • Groups

    • Active maximum for 6 month.
    • Maximum number of test in a group is 20.
    • There is no limit on student in a group.
  • Student

    • Student is active till group is active.
    • A student can be register for more than one groups.
  • Test

    • There is a time limit to finish the test.
    • There is no limit on question in a test.

Note:Inactive Data will be deleted or refreshed in every 6 Months of period, if necessary. A backup file will be send to Organization if inactive data is deleted by FoxKeen.

Pricing Structure

Initial Installation cost for 1 year 5,000

Initial cost will be paid by the Organization to the foxkeen at the time of agreement and it will be valid up to one year from the date of agreement. In this initial cost, Foxkeen will provide the list of feature mention below within 15 working day from date of agreement:-

  • Installing “Online Test Platform” and generate a unique link to access it.
  • Integrating link to access “Online Test Platform” from Organization existing website.
  • Administrator username and password.

Test activation charge

  • Fixed Paper 200 per Test
  • 500 per test , if question pool size is (less than or equal to) <= 300
  • 900 per test, if question pool size is (greater than) > 300 but (less than or equal to) <=600
  • 1300 per test, if question pool size is (greater than) >600 but (less than) < 1000

Registration per user per group 150

NOTE: On monthly basis a report is generated (1st Week of the month), Intention of this report is to show how many new registration per groups was happened in last month. On the basis of this report, payment has to make by Organization.

Promises made by FoxKeen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Security of data:

    Organizational data will be Secure and Safe. Foxkeen will never disclose their client data to the other Organization.

  • Bug free service:

    FoxKeen has good skilled Testing team is always committed to deliver bug free software. It involves lots of testing before product going to launch in market for customer use.

  • Fast and reliable service:

    A good and compact programming methodology is used by foxkeen to deliver fast and reliable service.

  • Time to time upgrade:

    Foxkeen technical team will always try to figure out what is the customer need and how new technology will help application as well as end user to increase mutual understand, will be adopted in very next release.

  • 24x7 Availability:

    “Online Test Platform” is available 24x7 for student as well as administrator.

Foxkeen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. customer support will always glade to assist you anytime.
Please kindly contact to you contact person (+91-8800233515) anytime, if you have any query related to “Online Test Platform”.

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